Sagamore SGO

The SGO is a result of the Indiana School Tax Credit Program.  The program provides a 50% STATE TAX CREDIT to YOU on your donation amount.  In addition, the donation is eligible for federal deduction if you itemize.

For example, let's say you owe the state $1,500 in taxes. Give a gift to the SGO of $1,500, and RECEIVE $750 BACK!  This cuts your tax bill in half – or even more if you are eligible for federal deduction as well!SGO

Or consider this, if you double what you owe and give $3,000, you will RECEIVE $1,500 BACK in state tax credit. Your out of pocket is STILL only $1,500, or less with the additional federal deduction!  

This opportunity is quite valuable.  It enables you to give a substantial gift to the school, while also providing benefit regarding your tax liability. For a better idea of the potential savings and impact, see the chart below representing a $1,000 gift.  To find our more go to

Thank you for gifting our students with an education that will impact them for eternity!