Our School

Fortune Academy ImageThe mission of Fortune Academy is to be a comprehensive school dedicated to educating and equipping students with language learning differences to become competent and confident lifelong learners.  The school is designed to provide an environment that nurtures each child's development, builds upon his/her individual strengths, and offers remediation in areas of weakness.

Guiding Beliefs

- That students with language learning differences/dyslexia are capable of learning, making progress, and compensating.

- That their differences also give them strengths that need to be put to the service of society, family, and work.

- That our commitment to educating students with language learning differences makes success possible for these individuals

- That we must be role models for other teachers and schools.

- That we will be advocates for students with specific language learning differences/dyslexia.

Special Programs

- Art, drama, music, library, physical education, and technology instruction are built into the instructional programming.

- Study trips support and enhance curricular goals.

-Athletics and afterschool clubs are offered throughout the year.


Establishing partnerships with families and sharing resources with parents, educators , and professionals beyond the school are essential to the Fortune Academy experience.  Fortune’s Outreach provides graduate level teacher training and offers after school reading and math support for students not enrolled in the school's day program.

Free Community Early Reading Screenings for 5-7 year olds are generally held one Friday a month during the school year.  Appointments can be scheduled by calling the school office at 317-377-0544.