High School

Fortune Academy’s high school program offers students with learning differences the opportunity to pursue an AP Honors Diploma, Core 40 or General Diploma.   Our learners are immersed in direct instruction in content coupled with education in study skills, self-advocacy, and self-awareness. Throughout the program, students learn strategies for success that counterbalance their learning challenges.  

How is Fortune High School similar to other high schools? 

  • We offer three diploma tracks: Honors Diploma, Core 40 Diploma, and General Diploma.

  • We offer a wide variety of honors courses and electives to enhance students' strengths through IVY Tech partnership. 

  • We offer athletic opportunities.

  • We also offer cocurricular programs, events and activities such as winter dance, prom, clubs, and Student Council.

  • We are a member of the National Honor Society.

How is Fortune Academy High School unique for students with learning differences?

Fortune Academy's high school program is based on an in-depth understanding of language-based learning disabilities. At the heart of the curriculum is the Orton-Gillingham Approach, which provides for a structured, sequential, concrete to abstract framework for learning using multisensory techniques. Content-area courses are designed and redesigned with student success in mind. Multisensory instruction, executive functioning skills, and study strategies are emphasized throughout. Faculty members receive ongoing training in methods that maximize student learning potential, and they are committed to providing individualized attention and extra help. Fortune teachers know that students’ futures depend on this expertise and dedication.

Fortune Academy High School curriculum meets the needs of the individual student. Students in the Honors and Core 40 program can expect rigorous coursework. College tours, taking ACT/SAT, completing the Common App. are just a few of the expectations for these diploma tracks.

General Diploma track students are engaged in the learning process and practice  self-advocacy skills as they prepare for life after high school. Field experience and career exploration is offered for these students as requested.

  • Fortune Academy, partnering with Ivy Tech Community College, provides learning opportunities for students seeking Honors AP courses or Vocational coursework. Students attend classes on the Ivy Tech Campus located 1 mile from our campus, in  Fort Benjamin Harrison .  The Ivy Tech Accuplacer Test is administered at Fortune, allowing high school students a relaxed, secure environment for testing purposes.

  • Technology is embedded in the learning process for students. Textbooks are scanned for students needing text to speech support. Speech to text software is provided for written expression support.

  • Small class sizes (average 8-1)

  • Advisory/Mentoring program serves to establish meaningful and supportive relationships between students and faculty, as well as teach students organizational skills.

  • Teachers and advisors assist students in recognizing their specific academic needs to develop effective learning strategies.

  • American Sign Language is offered to meet Foreign Language requirements.

  • Teachers are experienced and skilled in a range of instructional strategies and modifications to meet student needs.

  • Student led conferences provide an opportunity for students to lead, self-advocate, and discuss their learning differences, academic progress, and goals.

  • College campus tours, led by High School faculty, give students a glimpse of educational choices after graduation from Fortune. Vincennes University, Butler University, Ball State University, University of Indianapolis, Ivy Tech, and IUPUI are potential campus tour visits.

Thank you for your interest in Fortune Academy High School.  Feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.

James O'Donnell
High School Dean of Students