Process and Requirements
  • Admission Application
  • School Records:¬† Report cards and progress reports for the past two years
  • Current Individual Education Plan, Private School Service Plan, or 504 Plan.
  • Current Diagnostic Evaluation Reports: Educational, Neurological, and/or¬†¬†Psychological.
  • Psycoeducational Evaluation Report completed within the past two years (specifically W.I.S.C. III)
  • Speech and Language Evaluation (specifically the T.O.W.L.-3, T.O.L.D., or CELF-3)
  • Behavioral Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and/or Physical Therapy evaluation(s) if applicable to your child.
  • Treatment Summary from a counselor or psychologist, if applicable
  • F.E.R.P.A. Release of Information if applicable (for educational facilities and tutors)
  • Medical Release of Records if applicable (for physicians, psychologists, and counselors)
  • Legal and/or court documents if applicable
  • Child's photograph
  • Financial Assistance Documents if applicable
  • Application fee of $100 or Application Waiver (signed by the Head of School).